Gerald Cotten ($DBTT)

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Introducing $DBTT: The Crypto Token You Absolutely Shouldn't Buy...But Might Want To! Discover the unique opportunity to participate in the DBTT presale! Launched on 01/25/2024, DBTT isn't just a token; it's a genuine social experiment. Backed by a team with extensive marketing expertise spanning Spain, Germany, and France, DBTT challenges conventions with its provocative name: Don't Buy This Token. Despite the refrain urging restraint, the team believes in DBTT's viral potential. It satisfies the emotional cravings of Degen while resonating with the creed of Bitcoin maximalists. Join the presale now for an exclusive chance to be part of this groundbreaking experiment at!

Launched on 01/25/2024, DBTT is not just a token but a genuine social experiment. The team, spread across Spain, Germany, and France, possesses significant expertise in terms of marketing. The token's name itself serves as a clear deterrent to its purchase: Don't Buy This Token. On the website and across social media, the refrain remains consistent: don't buy me. The team is convinced of the token's viral power as it satisfies the emotional needs of Degen on one hand and the creed of maximalists on the other: Bitcoin is the only one that exists.


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